Line Rider "Levitation™"


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Levitation™ is a track consisting of 100% gravity wells. It is the long awaited extension of 200 Lines of Gravityâ�¢. It contains 1837 lines and it\'s my biggest solo track by far. I have worked my ass off the last two months (May and June 09) because I wanted to publish it before I went for vacation. I managed to get it published one day before I left ^^ I have also made some new tricks: The not-fakie inversed nose fling. I did a loop at 1:33, it was a pain in the ass to make. The inversed hand/feet fling (think it\'s new). It\'s a fling that alternates between inversed hand and feet fling. Example: 1:08. Btw, if anyone is wondering, the coloured version is sped up for music synching. PS. The first parts are really old, watch the coloured version for dates. I really hope you enjoy this track! Comments, ratings and subscriptions are highly appreciated :) Vimeo: Video file download: Music: ParagonX9 - No. 5. Download: .sol download: Thanks for watching! -aspi33 d[^-^]b

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