Incito™ - aspi33


thumbnail First of all, please watch the whole intro. Or else you won't get the "magic feeling" :) Incito™ is a 2576-lined all blue track solo-track made in the autumn 2009. Incito is latin for inspire, and I chose that because I was so heavenly inspired, mainly by Bjerre93, awesomekid592 and Phyxius, during the creating process of this track. Thanks for watching, and happy christmas! -aspi33 d[^-^]b


Mysteria~ CC&Olecool

By:Commandercoke &...

thumbnail I\'m having this re-recorded because it needed to be zoomed out more. So yes, this version is missing some stuff. I wasn\'t going to release this version, but I got tired of waiting. I\'ll have the re-release out soon. And YES, I know it doesn\'t make any sense, it\'s not supposed to! Olecool made the track for me in less than 24 hours. Recorded and edited by .boo. Super duper thanks .boo! If you like linerider or are interested in it check out! Great community. I might think of something else to say later.


Line Rider "Levitation™"


thumbnail Levitation™ is a track consisting of 100% gravity wells. It is the long awaited extension of 200 Lines of Gravityâ�¢. It contains 1837 lines and it\'s my biggest solo track by far. I have worked my ass off the last two months (May and June 09) because I wanted to publish it before I went for vacation. I managed to get it published one day before I left ^^ I have also made some new tricks: The not-fakie inversed nose fling. I did a loop at 1:33, it was a pain in the ass to make. The inversed hand/feet fling (think it\'s new). It\'s a...




thumbnail By far my longest track to date, taking almost three months to complete (though I made the last 10 seconds in 2 days). I\'ve never made a track of this style before, and it certainly shows. I know I can do better, but I had a lot of fun with this. A couple days ago I realized that my 1, 1, and 2 year anniversaries on YouTube, at .org, and at IRTL were coming up. I decided to release this for the special occasion (though I uploaded a day late). Enjoy \"Volatile\", and don\'t forget to rate/comment/subscribe. ~Leomur P.S. I though the track was...


Blue squirk - IGGB


thumbnail This track started out as a highspeed collab with hedge. It died because hedge has a fail mac, but i continued it and then i turned it into an omni :O now its what you see and i\'m REALLY proud of it. its my first \"fast\" track. no flowkillers and just keeping the tempo high. first XY ever and first highspeed quirk, well i\'ve done some highspeed granuals, but its not the same.


Line Rider - Linear Fluency -...


thumbnail - A site I' + 'm working on - it\'s a work in progress, more stuff is to come. WATCH IN HIGH QUALITY. Overdrive Tell me what you think. Scened version coming soon. Since some people have been requesting it, I provided a link to the music download from Newgrounds:



By:Leomur and aspi33

thumbnail Alliance is a collab between Leomur and me. Both signed up for a contest at where we were collaborating with a randomly chosen partner, and I got leomur for partner. The track had to include several different styles. The movie is edited and recorded by me. Be sure to watch \'till the end, there is some awesome credits there ;) Note: This video is slightly over-edited due to my try at semi-professional editing and to have fun. We really hope you enjoy our track, and we would highly appreciate if you left a comment and rated. Subscriptions++...


Premium Blend - by Bjerre


thumbnail A new track by me, the first part is a bit old. It\'s a nice blend of manuals and quirky stuff 8D song is Feeling good by muse


Line Rider "Nordkapp"

By:LRG, Eachare,...

thumbnail Nordkapp is a sweet norwegian collab by four Norwegians; me, Eachare, LineRiderGjert and Kohuded. Thanks to Kohuded for starting it! Thanks to Eachare for editing it! Hope you enjoy the watch! Please rate and leave a comment :) Song: Nav - Ecstacy. Download: -aspi33 d[^-^]b, eachare, LRG and Kohuded




thumbnail My biggest project yet. It contains 17k lines, and it\'s the scened version of Olecools BLUE. Enjoy ;) Btw, here is a pic of the monument, if it blew by too fast xD: Sol: Song: Kingdom for a heart by Sonata Arctica